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China is the most dynamic trading economy in the world. The effect of the financial crisis triggered by the American bubble bursting left a lot of other countries in the same situation as USA. China was one of few countries which showed its excellence by overpowering the influence of USA. This shows that China clearly stands apart from other great economies. A strong foreign currency control by the government, stable political situation, effective government market bail-out measures make China the largest domestic market of the world – an ideal destination for companies seeking to make profit in these difficult times. Looking forward, doing business in China will gain more importance as its potential continues to grow. If you have potential project and want to seek investor, or you have spare money and want to seek profitable project to invest, please visit our Forum to find more information.


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Leverage 5CGroup’s expertise to start or expand your business. 5CGroup is comprised of professionals from various fields of business to include trade, finance, accounting, auditing, sourcing, marketing, market research and legal practice from around the globe with years of experience, who are ready to help you establish a strong global presence with an emphasis on minimizing risks and faster access to markets.

  Strategic consulting from start-up to listing.
  Provide and implement best practices in Company Setting Up, Financing, and Fiscal optimization.
  My China Office: personalized turnkey company with long term follow-up services
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